alexithymianalysis asked:

I just went to the bottom of your entire blog. Like, four and a half years ago. And you know, you're still the same. Of course you've grown and been through a lot and everything, but you have remained strong. You've remained YOU. And that's so cool. You're an inspiration to figure out yourself before being intricate to someone else. Thanks for being you. Thanks for existing.

debbyryan answered:

bless ur socks, dearest.

do not say anything bad about him do not tell me I’m better off without him do not think I fell out of love with him do not expect me to go back to how I was before him
I know I know it’s for the best right now I know I know it’s only going to make me stronger I know I know but do not act like he is not a part of me still and for always
I have to marry that boy (via kittensandcarbs)